White Frosted Cruz

White Frosted Cruz

Demure Candles

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When it comes to taking care of your trinket collection, it matters as much that the things that make you look as divine as you deserve to, also look great when they are off duty. Here is that perfectly safe case whose spacious inside space and very elegant outer look is bound to suit your organizational need perfectly. After all, getting dressed up with the right kind of jewellery pieces to aid the process is as important as keeping them safe when they are not in use. Add this charmingly designed glass case that is all of 15 cm in height and 10 cm in diameter to your collection so that your always can reach for the most suitable bauble you need to wear to loom your best, the top can be gripped with ease and the lid sits firmly in place. The case is round in shape and its very heritage cut - glass look is bound to add oodles of sophistication to our dresser space.

The medium holds 250gm wax 

and the small holds 150 gms.